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The Princess and the Jewfro

The Princess and the Jewfro finished by ElectricPoodle
Mr. Straughborough and Ms. Zilliadi (c) Me. Don't steal, please.

Fluttershy line Art

Fluttershy Line Art by ElectricPoodle

Fluttershy in B&W. Can be colored via download. Don't steal, please.

Hey! :)

A few of my favourite stamps

child of the 90s stamp by invader-zim-14 Tradi AND Digi Art Love stamp by izka197 Stamp I love Headphones by Mellx93 Tablet...stamp by regina35nocis agree to disagree stamp by SanguineJustice I Support NonSucky Anime Stamp by SerpentineCougar Classics Stamp by MakeshiftShakedown Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 :thumb93189588: : Pro-Choice is NOT... : stamp by Tibb-Wolf Tourette Syndrome Awareness by psychotara Friendly Conservative by Danilee3240 Prismacolor Stamp by Kataoi Copic Love stamp by KaizokuShojo Stamp--Sharpie love by PirateQueenErin Jack Spicer support stamp by Ninfidel Elton John by renatalmar Drawaholic Stamp by Mongrelistic Stamp - Iron Hugs by Isilrina Snoopy Stamp by the-gaywolf Loki stamp by Queen-Stormcloak Bushy Eyebrows Stamp by Aish89 Chewing gum by prosaix 40 Lashes Stamp by laprasking I Have Silent Watchers Stamp by Torotix 1st place prize by sternenstauner Teach a Man to Fish Stamp by Autumn-Blizzard-Fang Something to Believe In Stamp by UnrelatedTalents Anti Smoking Nazi Stamp by Riksie-Dixie Incest is Sick and Wrong by SionnaDehr Syndrome Stamp by Inner-D Hans Gruber by Aryan-Dark Georgette - stamp by V1KA Bernard Stamp 01 by arch-elf Code Lyoko - Aelita Stamp by WildSpiritWolf Thanks 4 Llama by tRiBaLmArKiNgS:thumb339367026: Space Dandy Dandy Stamp by Freckled-Beast Enya by Delmorii One Piece Usopp Stamp by erjanks Rarity Stamp by jewlecho We love you Derpy Hooves by raygirl Villains stamp by YamiRyuu-chan free stam vanellope 2 by HavickTheLion Open Minded Does Not Mean Dumb by genkistamps Fujimoto + Granmammare Stamp by TwilightProwler Flint Stamp Revamp by littiot NC is HOT by gravitta no mom by lauren-lovebitesI Put Love Into My Art Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Tangled: I love Rapunzel by Vilyane Moustache Stamp by Leafbreeze7 Fancypants Stamp by jewlecho VBRose-Icon by YKajitaka Mo-nster Fan Stamp by RejectAll-American I support writing English by FragileReveries I won't by Clelius God Loves EVERYONE Stamp by WingsUnchained I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate DUBSTEP stamp by conceptions Sugar Ray Stamp by WarriorPikachuStar Stamp- Rush by jozie-m Britney Spears Stamp by Fyi-Sus Billy Idol stamp by Mary-Aisha Queen Stamp by poserfan Prince Poppycock Stamp by Misheru-neko-chan

Stamps I made myself!
I'm a respectful Brony/Pegasister STAMP by ElectricPoodle Proud Asperger person stamp by ElectricPoodle Leave him alone already! (Pro-Waluigi Stamp) by ElectricPoodle All That Matters Is Heart by ElectricPoodle Vanellope is my Hero STAMP by ElectricPoodle Pony Lips stamp for Skyline19 by ElectricPoodle Anti-IMMA Stamp by ElectricPoodle Hand Washing Support Stamp by ElectricPoodle NO BUCKY, NO!! Jokes support Stamp by ElectricPoodle Ask, Don't Assume Stamp by ElectricPoodle Art Tutorial Support Stamp by ElectricPoodle I'm a Conservative for Gay Rights Stamp by ElectricPoodle


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Purple bitches of doom XD


Jul 6, 2015
5:36 pm
Jul 6, 2015
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Jul 6, 2015
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Jul 6, 2015
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Jul 5, 2015
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Roselani or Glitchy Glitter
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

Richard Shenary
Sire KaBoom ID by ElectricPoodle
The Pony in the corner that everyone doesn't notice
Artist :bulletpink: Aspie :bulletpink: Pegasister :bulletpink: Centrist :bulletpink: Dog lover :bulletpink: Non-denominational :bulletpink: Hair chaser :bulletpink: Glitch Machine :bulletpink: Lightning Puppy(Tourettic) :bulletpink: Elton John Fanatic :bulletpink: Pro-Choice :bulletpink: Pro-Gun :bulletpink: Unicorn Admirer :bulletpink: Glamourous Feminist :bulletpink: RUSH Fan :bulletpink: OCD Suffererererer-er


"Hey-oh!" I'm a pwetty rose :iconrose-plz: I'm a self taught artist who uses manga/anime, disney and dreamworks style as reference. I am a mixed media artist who works with Copics, Prismacolors, Sharpies and Photoshop. If you are kind to me and respect my opinions, whatever they may be, I shall do the same.

I have Tourette Syndrome, so therefore, if you expect art being uploaded all the time I'm afraid that isn't how it is. The disorder takes up my time with it's effects, be it OCD, twitches, grand mals or otherwise, plus I have a life, so don't lose hope if I don't upload in weeks. Thank you! :heart:

ALSO be wary when talking to me...I tend to take things literally often, so don't get upset if I misunderstand something you say, if I do.

Please don't ask me to see your gallery and/or WATCH you. Also, please don't ask me to WATCHback, you won't appreciate the result. If I want to, I will. It's nothing personal.

Artists whom I admire and inspired by all the time:
:iconstarjita: :iconcanadian-rainwater: :iconbriannacherrygarcia: :icontga-tsurugi: :iconrejectall-american: :iconneko-vi: :iconka-ren: :iconmireielle: :iconeleth89: :iconcobaltthefox: :iconsakura-joker: :icontracyjb: :icontsaoshin: :icondennybutt: :iconfrogsfortea: :iconshinodage: :iconltiachan: :iconpmsingtiger: :iconqueen-kittykat: :iconskirtzzz: :iconxelarose: :iconnaschi: :iconalviaalcedo: :icondanniichan:

The friends I love like family :hug: :

The brother with a dark sense of humor: :iconjdmagee:

The sister that breaks stereotypes: :iconrejectall-american:

The starkin sister: :iconstarjita:

The spunky sister: :iconcobaltthefox:

The Art Goddess sister: :iconkatputze:

My Tumblr Art Blog:…
My Youtube account feat. Speedpaints:…

Custom template by CypherVisor and Fantasy33

How many of you actually read the journals I write when they appear in your inbox? 

4 deviants said I do all the time!
2 deviants said Um...sorry, I don't. ^^;
1 deviant said Some I do, some I don't...
1 deviant said Other
No deviants said I didn't add that to the WATCH list
No deviants said I'm a ghost WATCHer, I don't care about your life, TBH

Art trades/ Art others are to do for me from:

:iconrejectall-american: [ART TRADE] Realistic horse style of Glitchy Glitter in artist's style. Full color No time limit from start nor end.

:iconqueen-kittykat: Art Trade- Full color trad- Glitchy all happy wearing a RUSH shirt. No time limit

To-Do List


:iconrejectall-american: Art Trade-Full Color Bounce & Blue [No start and end limit] Primary inking done, detailing and editing to be started. [40% done]

:iconqueen-kittykat: Art Trade- Crimsy with red lipstick, red glasses and three gold necklaces on, lookin' all fancy and stuff[No start or end time limit] Started initial inking, onto detailing and editing-54% done

:iconhibejime: [COMMISSION] POM Hans and OC Sheila Pen-purple [Research mode]

:iconjinx-chan11: [COMMISSION] POM Dr. Octavius Brine X OC Pencil {Black/Grey} [60% done]

:iconvlad-master: [COMMISSION] POM OC's Vladimir and Harrison Pencil {Black/Grey} [80% done]

:iconxravenbladex: [ART TRADE] OC Himesh in a sexy/cool pose. XD Full color. No time limit.

Almost done with one. :) ~Updated 7/6/15!

[ON RESERVE] :bulletblue: :iconaki-hanna:
Other: Kiriban prize for :iconxravenbladex:

Art Rules

Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke Commission Stamp +Decline+ by RobotBunnyInc Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 i take AT stamp by ohhperttylights Commission journal here:


Full Color Commission
Commission: Fallen for Fallenscythe by ElectricPoodle
It's So Fluffy!!! by ElectricPoodle
Glitchy Whiplash! by ElectricPoodle
Twisted Rage Commission for Whysteria by ElectricPoodle
Putting My Hoof Down [FINISHED!] by ElectricPoodle
The Princess and the Jewfro finished by ElectricPoodle
Full color. Backgrounds must be simple, I can draw MLP:FIM, Cedric the Sorcerer, Waluigi/Nintendo, Ponifications, OC's, Jack Spicer, Disney Princesses, and more! Just make sure to have a ref sheet(even for characters in a show)! :) Remember: 1000 :points: = $10.00 :)
Commission original sent to commissioner
For the use of those who are paying shipping for a commission they want the original sent to them. 
Line Art Commissions
The Princess and the Jewfro(BW ink v.) by ElectricPoodle
Fluttershy Line Art by ElectricPoodle
Cedric Line Art by ElectricPoodle
Glitchy Whiplash Line Art by ElectricPoodle
Just a B&W Line Art. Remember: 750 :points: = $7.50 :)
Traditional Pony Sketch Commisssion
Glitchy Sketch [UPDATED] by ElectricPoodle
Pumpkin Spice Sketch by ElectricPoodle
Putting my hoof down by ElectricPoodle
All done in pencil. Price varies on details and shade options. NO NSFW please.
Remember: 500 :points: = $5.00 :)
Traditional Sketches
New!Steve Sketch Dump #3 by ElectricPoodle
Sire KaBoom (AKA Todd's Alter Ego) by ElectricPoodle
Pitched Off by ElectricPoodle
Pencil sketches. Col-Erase pencil or regular pencil.
Remember: 350 :points: = $3.50 :)
{EDIT: Price boosted due to my difficulty with this medium, Commissioned already on queue are not effected}
Pen sketches
Cap and Bucky (Canine version) by ElectricPoodle
Sassy sigh Ceddy by ElectricPoodle
Flutterby by ElectricPoodle
Todd pone by ElectricPoodle
Just a sketch with one or two blue pens. Other options for color are pink,green, purple, red, orange or black. Remember: 150 :points: = $1.50 :)
Super quick Pony pen doodles
BONUS Sketch Dump by ElectricPoodle
Just a quick doodle of your Pony Oc or favourite Pony character. :)
Remember: 50 :points: = 50 cents :)
Super quick pen doodle
Similar to the pony one only lower priced, one pen and non-pony. Rules apply, yadda yadda. XD


:iconjdmagee: :iconstarjita: :iconmikah101: :iconrejectall-american: :iconmaxspider72: :iconblackmoonlola: :iconlmjcreations: :iconartisticingenuity: :iconimagineartvibes: :iconharthric: :iconcarol-moore: :iconxelarose: :iconelfelixdog: :iconashpyr: :icontga-tsurugi: :iconcobaltthefox: :iconillustica: :iconillusionaryadopts: :iconfallenzephyrart: :iconcuckooparty: :iconjessica500: :iconfrogsfortea: :iconqueen-kittykat: :iconsarilain: :iconghurahm: :iconaurora-chiaro: :icongahma-gahme: :icongigandjett: :iconhere-for-the-ponies: :iconkatputze: :iconpaper: :iconcrazybadluck: :iconjinx-chan11: :icontheloudmouthscout: :iconxravenbladex:



As much as I love and appreciate manners, you need not thank me for the llama! They are free and you can just give me one in return! You won't lose a llama in the process! Thank you!


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Hello! Thank you for the kind visit and favorite, I appreciate your support :) If you would like to see more artisan craft submissions, I invite you to watch me and expect newer things from me!

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